We are proud to announce that DM LLC has partnered with Second Chance Credit LLC in order to form a new business venture, which shall be known as DC Financial Services Inc. The name change symbolizes our intentions to broaden our business platform and deliver more value to our clients.

Debt-To-Income (DTI) Delaying Your

DM Consulting Can Help.


DM Consulting will help you close deals within 72 hours.

We help clients achieve their dream of owning their first, second or investment home by reducing their DTI (Debt-To-Income).

In doing so, we can help increase your company’s business by
referring clients to DM Consulting.

Want to avoid delayed closings?

Let DM Consulting help you address your DTI (Debt-To-Income) challenges.

Get started by providing a few details.

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We'll get back to you same day. If your need is more urgent, please call 786-998-3237 (DCFS) or toll-free 866-324-4217.

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