The DM Process

DM Consulting will help you finalize deals within 72 hours.

The DM Consulting DTI Reduction Process

Here's how we work:

  • Refinance your auto debt to terms acceptable by your mortgage underwriter
  • Transfer ownership of existing auto debt
  • Consolidate multiple auto loans into one
  • Modify terms to reduce DTI (debt-to-income) ratio
  • Proof of settlement for underwriting
  • Rapid re-score to increase your lending options

Here's what
we need to get started.

  • Drivers license for all parties involved
    (current and new owners)
  • Signed credit application by maker
    and co-maker/guarantor for the new
  • Tri-bureau from referring firm
  • Most recent auto loan statement no older than 30 days
  • Current registration if transferring
  • Make, model, trim, mileage, color and any optional equipment installed
  • Signed agreement between all parties involved and DM Consulting

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